Letís start with words.
Words, that when put together, form sentences and the fundamentals of communication. Words that are an utterance of ideas. Words that, when driven by cogent thought, produce communication that is impelling and convincing. From simple sayings to aphorisms to sentences that have moved men and revolutionized Human thought.
One man's musing, or the collective intent of an entire Nation; a well articulated thought has shown its propensity to create or change events. A stray word, or turn of phrase, has led to discoveries and inventions that have changed the course of Mankind.

Words have been used to rally an entire People; to becalm an entire Nation; They've been used to focus thought and energy to a given task, to spread a message, to create awareness. They've been used to write History.
And in their worthiest role, they've been known to provide escape from the clutter of the ordinary, the average and the mundane.

Let's start with words. And when we've amassed two thousand of them, we promise, we'll paint you a picture twice as grand.