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Features Of SAVIOR Contact Less Smart Card Readers

Open standard: Savior is offering Mifare Technology Readers & cards and
is an open standard unlike proprietary cards most proximity cards offer.

Secure & Cost Effective: The contact less SMART card technology being
offered is very secure as regards to card duplicity .Because of this feature,
this technology cards are used world wide for access and cash transaction
in most metro & bus ticketsand toll applications. Because of the limited
applications, most Proximity cards are having a lower circulation volume
than Mifare Technology.

Unintended use avoided: Because of its lower reading distance, misuse
and unintended use of cards are avoided.

Additional Application Possible: 16 different sectors and a large memory size allows many more applications to be added at a later date at normal expenses without changing the card. Most proximity cards only offer a unique ID number with low memory.

Read & Write Technology: The technology offered allows read & write function from the same reader. Most Proximity cards are read only or with limited write facility.

Storage of information: Cards of different memory size available to suit the application and storage size required by the customer.

Thickness of card: The cards offered are of ISO standard thickness and hence can be easily carried. Normally Proximity are thicker and if offered in ISO standards are costlier. Printing of cards is possible in SAVIOR contact less cards. Hence no misuse /alternation of stickers possible by the card holder.

Continuity of Service: Mifare technology has been absorbed by SAVIOR in India .Hence continuity of service and application upgrades possible.