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Salient Features Of SAVIOR 5000 Series

● Leap Year & Millennium programmed quartz RTC.
● Spike protection and user accessible fuse provided.
● No moving parts and protected non contact sensor to ensure zero
● In built instantaneous changeover to sealed maintenance free batteries in
   case of unhealthy A.C power input.
● Super Bright LED Displayfor observing the indications even from a
   distance/ in lighted indoor/outdoor conditions.
● State of the art microprocessor technology with a compact rugged design
   having no environment constraints.
● On Line display of SAVIORs installed,linked memory utilized per machine
   etc.on Computer/SAVIOR.
● Simple dropping of cards (credit card size) in any direction for instantaneous

   sensing. No training needed for employee as regards to direction and speed

   of punching.
● Audio /Visual confirmation of attendance recording.
● Multiple SAVIORs work independently and problem to any system does not   

   affect the functioning of the others.
● Employee Masking-Suspended employees are prevented from recording 

● Alarm Setting-24 settings of any duration (from 1 to 99 secs) definable

   through computer.
● Call-To draw the attention of an employee while dropping the card for 

   urgent needs.
● Job Cards-For ascertaining time taken by different employee to carry out

   same/different jobs.
● Reason Cards-For permitting special cases through designated person at 

   SAVIOR level itself in addititon to computer.
● IN/OUT Switch - This is not required by SAVIOR Time Office Software.

   However in case of special requirements of the user's Time Office Software 

   or for dedicating specific SAVIORs for IN/OUT ,this can be provided.
● Management of Attendance ,Leave,Overtime,Payroll Interface and Payroll 

   Reports can be provided by procuring SAVIOR related software.